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Why L&B?

  1. All our garments are designed for maternity, breastfeeding and general wear after a baby, meaning women don’t waste money buying something they’ll wear for just a few months.

  2. Longevity comes from a blend of  premium South African viscose (95%) and Lycra (5%) rather than cheaper fabrics, which means our garments last as long as they need to.

  3. Our special, batch dyed fabric blend won’t fade, won’t shrink and is pill-resistant.

  4. It doesn’t look like maternity wear. Who wants to feel frumpy?

  5. It’s comfortable & flattering. We are women & mothers, we all have lumps & bumps. We’ve designed our clothes to be kind to womens’ changing bodies with extra flowing fabric, specially designed to fit all shapes and not cling.

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